Uisce Bitchez


Uisce Bitchez is a parody video art project on the consumerist nature of the current craze of artesian bottled water titled “uisce_bitchez”, uisce (pronounced: ish-ka) is Irish for water. This project is part of the online exhibition The Wrong Water as part of Peripheral Forms.

Aoife and I one day decided it would be funny to splurge on Fiji water. The shelves were lined with all different types of water. All these waters claim to be the best for you. They are infused with Canadian spring water, filtered through diamonds, flavoured with lavender. They claim to relax you, invigorate you, give you mental clarity, boost your metabolism, neutralise acid in your bloodstream, make you youthful forever!

Uisce Bitchez like to put this to the test.

Voss Water, Fiji Water, they are almost status symbols rather than simply water, one of the most basic human needs. Late capitalism and consumerism have managed to turn water into this. Money buys health. Money buys wellness. We are seeing water reviews everywhere. With Uisce Bitchez we try to parody internet culture's fascination with artesian water with ridiculous, over the top "reviews".